Since 1933

Grafiche Thiella is specialized in the production of secondary packaging, leaflets, paper display and any paper/cardboard printed products mainly for pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food industries.

The company was established in 1933 and with over 80 years of activity it is now recognized for the quality of its products and its customized service. In addition, thanks to the experience of its staff and its productive capacity, Grafiche Thiella is able to offer consultancy and comprehensive solutions specifically designed to meet the needs of its clients.

Grafiche Thiella designes packaging that confers value to the products always guaranteeing quality and functionality. The whole production process takes place in the plant located in Milano, where all the phases of the printing process are controlled, creating high quality products always in line with the international standards.

Quality and flexibility

The company grants its clients 100% quality and flexibility. The client is supported from the first step, designing the best packaging for each product, till the final phase.

Assistance and support over time are guaranteed by our accurate filing system of each single project (digital files, clichés and tear-off tabs) always at our clients’ disposal.

Each production batch is managed independently, in order to avoid any possible problem due to mixing-up.

Precision and control

Our products are subject to careful controls, starting from the analysis and adjustment of the graphic project to obtain an excellent printed result, till the double control during the cliché realization, in order to verify all the technical features of the files and avoid possible graphic mistakes or typographical errors.

During the production process accurate controls and densiometric measurement are carried out by our specialized staff. For each project the client is always invited to assist to the trial print run in order to offer the maximum chromatic satisfaction.

During the whole die-cutting process the position of each tear off tab and during the gluing phase the alignment of each single case as well as the grip of the glue undergo many controls.

Test and traceability

In case of materials where adherence might result difficult (eg. laminates or plastic-treated cases) specific precautions are taken: before the actual production, adherence tests are carefully done.

The final product is identified with labels where, beside all the data requested by the client to identify the material, also the batch number and the date of production are reported, in order to trace each single product.